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Miss Swimsuit USA Finals
“Swimsuit TV – Beyond the Sash” is a reality TV Show (“TV Show”) that follows Kathy Wheatley, a 30-year veteran and organizer of model searches, her staff, multiple beautiful contestants throughout the course of the year, at multiple venues and locations, as everyone fights to win the crown and be the next Miss Swimsuit USA International. Over the course of the year, event coordinators will conduct multiple regional model searches throughout the US and across multiple countries. The goal of these contests is to discover the 75 best contestants to compete in the World Finals for the title of Miss Swimsuit USA International. Kathy has a staff of 8-10 individuals who help in putting on these events. These staff are also part of the TV Show.

This seven-day World Finals event is held every October and is ACTION packed with DRAMA and TENSION due to 75 beautiful and competitive women all fighting to win 1 crown. The point of the TV Show is twofold: First, what does it take for Kathy and her staff to build a model competition network across the globe over the course of a year. What are their trials and tribulations? Second, who are these beautiful women that enter this model search contests and why do they want to compete so fiercely to win the competition? These questions will all be answered by following Season 1 that has four action-packed episodes!

International Models – Potential contestants begin the process of trying to become Miss Swimsuit USA International by competing in local or regional events throughout the world. Kathy has 8 to 12 former beauty contestants who organize pageants in the continent’s/countries of Australia, Canada, South Africa, Sri Lanka, various European countries, Latin American and Russian bloc countries as well as the United States. The winners from these various regional contests are invited to participate in the action-packed week-long Finals at the end of each year. Below is a flyer (left) for the World Finals Event in Riviera Maya, Mexico and a photo (right) from a regional contest in Houston, Texas.

Winner Britney Sykes

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