Affiliate Support Page

Welcome to our Affiliate support page. On this page, I will provide affiliates with information about this product, advertising media, and way to contact us if you need additional info. So, this is an area where interested affiliates can discover more about this product.

Do YOU want to be on a billboard WORLD WIDE?

We are looking for billboard cover models and social media influencers/affiliates to promote the release of Season 1 of Swimsuit Reality TV!

We love your content and we have preselected you to join us as an affiliate. This is a paid position that can ultimately earn you a billboard spot.

If this sounds exciting to you, follow the steps below to apply for an affiliate link. This is the link you will share on your social media and with friends/family to generate sales. For each customer, you will receive 20% commission

Why be an Affiliate:

  1. We pay you a 20% commission.
  2. As we make additional seasons -your social media fans will be able to buy them, earning you a 20% commission on our entire library of content
  3. Over time and as we gain your trust, we hope that you will join us and be a part of our reality TV show – thereby increasing your exposure to the marketplace and allowing you to further promote your modeling business while continuing to sell/collect commission on a reality TV show that you are now part of.
  4. By working with us – this additional notoriety – helps further your swimsuit modeling career whereby you get additional money-paying modeling opportunities, based on additional exposure. You will have the opportunity to be featured on our billboards WORLD WIDE!

How to apply for an affiliate link:

Here you can download resources for affiliates:


FAQ: 1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
Answer: Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products. By representing our brand, you are promoting our product and earning a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. We offer 20% commission.

FAQ: 2. How do I start?
Answer: On this page (affiliate support page) we provide affiliates with information and advertising media to promote our brand.

FAQ: 3. Is there any earning limitation?
Answer: No, there is no limitation. Total earning depends on your motivation and dedication to work. The more promoting you do for our brand, the more you earn month after month.

FAQ: 4. Who can promote the Brand?
Answer: Any approved swimsuit model in the world.

FAQ: 5. How do I get paid?
Answer: You will receive monthly payment via PayPal

FAQ: 6. What is our product?
Answer: We are a online swimsuit reality TV show, hosted on


If you have any more questions…

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