Beyond The Sash Reality Swimsuit TV Show

Don’t miss these beautiful swimsuit models battle it out to see who becomes crowned as the next Miss Swimsuit USA International.

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BEYOND THE SASH -Watch Swimsuit Models Complete For The USA International Crown

The most beautiful girls in the world come together in one place to compete for the Swimsuit USA International Crown. Reality TV has never been this hot!

Lara Zafir

 2019 Swimsuit USA Winner & Queen

On the week of 2019: The vast experiences and memories made in a single week at Swimsuit USA were phenomenal. I have made everlasting friendships and such fun memories that I’ll treasure forever. On winning the title: Winning the title of Swimsuit USA is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. Winning such a title opens so many doors and it is a stepping stone for whatever road I want to take from here. On the overall experience: The experiences, friendships and memories made at SUSA are priceless. The opportunities that come from networking with a range of sponsors and shooting with the incredible photographers are extensive and most of all, it is a fun, super supportive family that I will always be a part of! – Lara Zafir – 2019 Swimsuit USA Winner & Queen

Liz Kirkness

2019 Swimsuit USA Runner Up

Simply put, it’s the wildest, most exhilarating, memorable and life changing experience that I’ve ever experienced. A week full of pageants, activities and tons of filming that is beyond effortless when working with crew of Swimsuit TV. I love this little family that we’ve created and it’s all truly treasured! I can’t wait to get back there for more adventures and to cuddle the SUSA family and my friends at Swimsuit TV. – Liz Kirkness – 2019 Swimsuit USA Runner Up

Natalia Janoszek

Swimsuit Model 

Swimsuit USA is not only a pageant to me – it’s first and foremost my family. This is the only competition in which losing makes you happy because it means that next year you can see everyone again! I competed at my first SUSA pageant back in 2012. I remember that I felt lost being the only girl from Poland, but I was taken care of quickly. I’ve learned from SUSA that we all the same, no matter your height, age, skin color or where you come from. That’s what I love the most about my Swimsuit USA family. We are all one big family supporting each other, we are a SUSA family. – Natalia Janoszek

Jadyn Sharp

Swimsuit Model

I was invited out by my friend and photographer, Laie Holloway, to do a photoshoot in Texas City at Lagoon Fest with Swimsuit USA. I was so excited for the opportunity that I had to get my best friend involved. We traveled from Louisiana to Texas the night before shooting, and with only two hours of sleep, we jetted out for our early call time. When we arrived, I was greeted by an awesome team from Swimsuit TV. They explained to me the schedule and layout of the day, which made me even more excited to be a part of the team, with my background being in the movie/tv industry. It was such a great experience, we took some amazing shots, met such beautiful girls (inside & out), and even got to partake in an intense football game for the reality TV show. – Jadyn Sharp

Swimsuit TV – Beyond the Sash

Executive Summary

Swimsuit TV 2019

“Swimsuit TV – Beyond the Sash” is a reality TV Show that follows Kathy Wheatley, a 30-year veteran and organizer of model searches, her staff, multiple beautiful contestants throughout the course of the year, at multiple venues and locations, as everyone fights to win the crown and be the next Miss Swimsuit USA International. Over the course of the year, event coordinators will conduct multiple regional model searches throughout the US and across multiple countries. The goal of these contests is to discover the 75 best contestants to compete in the World Finals for the title of Miss Swimsuit USA International.